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Android vulnerability scanning options to help you secure your business.

Businesses have increasingly failed to secure their mobile application. While customers expect the same level of diligence in web and mobile apps, Android often takes a back seat. Developers pay extensive attention to the design and functionality of the app, but security has been a growing concern. 

Here are some of the worrying stats from the 2019 Mobile Vulnerability Report:

  • High-risk vulnerabilities were found in 43 percent of Android applications.
  • 76% Android apps suffered from insecure data storage
  • 89% of vulnerabilities can be exploited without physical access

Android vulnerability scanner is the perfect tool online to ensure that you get rid of the security loopholes and we have a list of tools that you should consider.

1. Appknox Android Vulnerability Scan

Over the last few years, Appknox has emerged as one of the most known names in Android application testing. They offer a combination of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to ensure thorough testing.

Appknox Android Scanner Vulnerability
  • Static Scan
  • Dynamic Scan
  • API Scan
  • Manual Pen Testing
  • On-demand SDK Test

Although the prices are on the higher side, you can book a demo to understand more on this testing service.

2. Mister Scanner

Mister Scanner offers revolutionary web and Android testing software designed to detect all kinds of issues, It is equipped to deal with OWASP Mobile and has been used by more than 1000 businesses globally. With dynamic, static, and API scanning features, it is one of the most cost-friendly testing services on the list.

  • Basic Testing at $2
  • Dynamic Scan
  • API Scan
  • Manual Pen Testing
  • Customized Reports
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Static Analysis
  • Crawling
  • Passive Backend Analysis
  • Active Backend Analysis

Mister Scanner Android Scanner is the lowest priced-product on this list.

3. Quixxi

If you are looking for something basic and free, Quixxi is one of the better choices. The basic version of this Android Vulnerability Scanning allows you to find insecure data and malware issues. Although it does not dig in deep, we recommend this testing service for not so critical apps that need a quick testing.

  • Basic Tests
  • Upload Code
  • Easy to Use
  • Complex Reports

The support response time of this tool is not optimal.

4. Ostorlab Android Vulnerability Scan

OstorLab is a public android security testing scanner that offers you simple PDF reports. Although the basic scan is free, your vulnerabilities will be disclosed publicly.  This scanner can test both iOS and Android applications for free. However, if you want private scans it will cost you over a $100 per static scan. Static + Dynamic + Backend scans are a little more expensive at $399 a month per Android application.

  • Free but public scans
  • Costly private scans
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Static Analysis
  • Crawling
  • Passive Backend Analysis
  • Active Backend Analysis

The paid plan is only sensible for mission-critical applications.

5. SandDroid

SandDroid is a powerful Chinese static and dynamic analysis tool for Android applications. Launched by students a couple of years back, it is a powerful basic tool that can provide a list of risky behavior on the app and calculate the risk score based on the assessments done through static and dynamic tests.

  • Risk score generator
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Static and Dynamic Tests

However, the reports and usage of this tool is incredibly complex.

6. Mobile App Security Test by ImmuniWeb

Mobile App Security Test is a quick way to get security scores for your mobile application However, the results are publicly displayed unless you actually pay for the service. It’s an AI platform but you can end up spending more than $900 a month, which most smaller companies will find difficult to cope with.

  • Static and Dynamic Tests
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • AI-powered
  • Average $900-1500 per month

ImmuniWeb’s Android scanner is best suited for large sized businesses or for apps that deal with financial and other sensitive data.

7. Yaazhini

Yaazhini was originally developed as a side project to test Android APK and API for common vulnerabilities. Over the last couple of years, it has become one of the most trusted names in free app testing. You can download this tool on Windows or Mac and start testing the code.

  • Free but basic tool
  • Windows and Mac compatibility
  • APK and API scanner
  • Basic Reports

This tool is perfect for small apps but the reporting is on the complex side.

8. Quick Android Review Kit (QARK)

If you are ready for a free LinkedIn tool for Android security, Quick Android Review Kit (QARK) is the best option. QARK needs some expertise from the testers but it can deliver unparalleled results in terms of the most common Android issues. 

  • Eavesdropping
  • The private key in the source code
  • Potential data leakage
  • Exploitable WebView configurations
  • Outdated API versionsTapjacking
  • Improper x.509 certificate validation

QARK reports are difficult to understand for people with non-tech and non-Android testing backgrounds.

9. APK ToolKit

Another free but a complicated tool, APK ToolKit is apt for people with technical background. This tool is perfect for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps However, in the current condition, this application is difficult to use and needs some work.

  • GitHub Project
  • Static and Dynamic Testing
  • Basic APK Testing
  • Free Version

APK TookKit is not recommended for risk reporting.

10. Droid Hunter

Droid Hunter is another tech heavy tool for those who want to do the heavy lifting. This non-commercial Android scanner checks for basic security issues on your app.

  • Open source
  • Basic testing
  • APK Analysis 

DroidHunter is not recommended for risk reporting and analysis.

Do you also have some tools on mind? Let us know.

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